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National approvals for CE marked products

The EAPFP has declared additional national approvals for CE-marked construction products are a clear barrier to trade and contravene European law.

The move comes following the introduction in Germany of an additional national approval for some construction products, including passive fire protection.

The current draft of the German Regulation (Verwaltungsvorschrift) does not allow the use of certain CE-marked construction products without an additional national document, called “Bauartgenehmigung” (acc. to §16a, Musterbauordnung/MBO, 2016). This links the usage in a building directly to the product via the applied European testing and classification standards.

The Association suggests that the German authorities appear to try and declare product-related requirements which already incorporate usage requirements as building-related requirements. In doing so, they introduce all kinds of iinstallation and job-site related issues.

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