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The EAPFP has declared additional national approvals for CE-marked construction products are a clear barrier to trade and contravene European law. The m Read more... EAPFP
December 2016 News Release European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) members, representing some eleven countries across Europe, met in Mu Read more... EAPFP
EAPFP past President Vicente Mans explained the importance of the European passive fire protection industry during a presentation at Proteger 2016 in Estor Read more... EAPFP
August 2016 News Release Discussions during the meeting focused on improving installer competency and tackling the misuse of fire safety engineering to  Read more... EAPFP
March 2016 News Release With the European Commision (EC) currently evaluating the options for the development of a new facade test and classification sy Read more... EAPFP
November 2015 News Release The EAPFP appointed a new presidenial team at its general meeting in Barcelona on 17-18 November 2015. Joric Witlox of the Read more... EAPFP

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