EAPFP/SFPE Student Workshop

Date Title Document
19/Dec/2019 Poster Arjan Dexters ArjanDexters.pdf
19/Dec/2019 Poster Bartlett, Kanellopoulos Bartlett, Kanellopoulos.pdf
19/Dec/2019 Poster Mohamed Beshir Beshir_Mohamed.pdf
19/Dec/2019 Poster Manes Rush Manes Rush.pdf
19/Dec/2019 Poster Vasilis Koutsomarkos Vasilis Koutsomarkos.pdf
19/Dec/2019 Presentation EAPFP introduction EAPFP intro.pdf
19/Dec/2019 Presentation SFPE introduction SFPE Edinburgh intro.pdf
19/Dec/2019 Presentation EAPFP Role of PFP EAPFP EBurgh Technical.pdf
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